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About Us

PACHAQUILLA TOURS CIA. LTDA., is a tour operator specialized in Community Based Tourism and nature journeys in Ecuador, South America. The inspiration for our name comes from the kiwcha language: “PACHA” meaning motherland and nature, and “QUILLA” meaning moon (in the indigenous cosmos vision, moon signifies life). Nature and life evoke our commitment to love and preserve nature through sustainable operations while respecting and supporting local communities through our programs. Ecuador is our motherland and we invite you discover and love it.


Design and operate high quality, personalized trips and sustainable tours & excursions in Ecuador with social responsibility, prioritazing the participation of local communities. We love what we do and share what we know in order to make your travel experience unforgettable.


Be known locally and internationally for meeting and exceeding the highest standards of quality and responsible tourism through our innovative programs and personalized services. We strive to provide superior experiences for our clients because we understand it is they who are our best reference.

We are committed to our clients, our providers, our staff, and and colleagues to work with honesty and responsibility.